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Red Bull Gets Higher Odds for Japanese Grand Prix 2017

Date Posted: October 6, 2017

The tables have turned for Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo with their amazing victory in the Malaysia Grand Prix last week. On the other hand, Mercedes floundered on the track while Ferrari failed to get to the podium.

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel is still the top favored to win the Japanese Grand Prix this weekend by most Bitcoin sportsbook sites. However, bookmakers are placing Verstappen and Ricciardo higher and closer to the two best drivers of Formula 1 this season.

Hamilton and Vettel odds

Hamilton still has the favored spot in the next Grand Prix. Bet365 puts him at 2.62 while Sportsbet.io sets him at 2.25. Following Hamilton is Vettel with 2.65 from Sportsbet.io and 3.50 at William Hill.

Hamilton said that there was something wrong with the Mercedes WO8 on the track. The car should have excelled in the last circuit’s high-speed corners and straights. However, Red Bull was the dominant constructor in the last Malaysia GP.

Mercedes was looking to gain a good lead at the driver’s championship since they believe they have the constructor’s standing secured. To keep Hamilton in the top three, Mercedes has Bottas block Vettel’s advancement to the podium.

Despite successfully widening the gap between Hamilton and Vettel’s standing, the result of the Malaysia GP was a negative hit for team Mercedes. Mercedes’ poor performance was bad enough to merit a post-race debrief from Hamilton, team members, and Torger Christian Wolff.

Wolff, executive director of Mercedes, said:

“I’m very down. You cannot look at it and say we have scored more points than Ferrari – we have lost so much pace this weekend. We were half a minute down on Ferrari and probably if Max had pushed to the end we would have been half a second down on Max.”

Overall, Vettel is the one to have shown a better pace than his rival. It should be noted that he started in last due to an engine problem during the qualifiers. Despite being in the last place at the start of the race, Vettel endured and won a good amount of points by placing fourth.

Vettel’s hard work to secure fourth place was nearly jeopardized when both he and Stoll crashed into one another pass the finish line. The Ferrari driver would have been penalized if he needs to have his gearbox replaced. Fortunately, it is still working and will be used in the Japanese Grand Prix.

Verstappen and Ricciardo odds

The Red Bull drivers are taking Bottas and Raikkonen’s spot in the next GP. Verstappen has 5.50 odds of winning at Bet365 and 4.70 at Sportsbet.io. Ricciardo has 6.75 at Sportsbet.io and 6.50 at William Hill.

Verstappen, a 20-year-old driver, rolled the dice in the last Grand Prix by driving aggressively to get past Hamilton. His risk was rewarded with an early lead on lap four and continued to be the leader of the pack throughout the race.

Red Bull’s luck might have finally taken a positive turn after closing a sponsorship deal with Aston Martin. The last Malaysia GP could also be the beginning of Verstappen’s championship fight.