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Football Fans React Hilariously to Ronaldo’s ‘Abs Celebration’

Date Posted: November 8, 2018

Juventus’ forward Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated his first Champions League goal for his new team in a way spectators did not expect – by flashing his abs. The 33-year-old Portuguese player lifted his shirt up in pride as he scored a goal against his former club, Manchester United, last Wednesday, November 8.

Leonardo Bonucci, Juventus center-back, kicked the ball over the top. Ronaldo set his eyes on the ball immediately and hit it right on time. This sent the ball speeding through Man U’s goalkeeper David de Gea whose failure to block marked the first point of the game.

Football fan account @Two_Yellow posted a video of the celebratory goal with the caption:

“Ronaldo feels 25 all over again flexing and showing his abs after goals ok”

Ronaldo’s flexing was soon followed by a non-verbal apology to his former Man U fans by raising his hands up as if saying sorry.

Ronaldo Apology


Football fans voiced out their mixed reactions to the muscle event on social media. Some admired Ronaldo’s physique while others were cringing in disgust.

@XavsFutbol empathized with Ronaldo as he tweeted:

“People getting upset because Ronaldo celebrated showing his abs. If y’all even knew how much work goes into having abs like that, you’d want to walk shirtless 24/7.”

@Paul_Gosling said that he would do the same if he had abs like Ronaldo’s. He said:

“Hi, I’m Paul. The same age as Christiano Ronaldo. If i had abs like that, not only would I be displaying them in Juventus Stadium… but also Morrison’s at 8am on a Monday morning. In fact, I’d get a crop top.”

@thekelechiamadi meant humor as he compared his young bellied body with Ronaldo’s 33-year-old body. He tweeted:

“Ronaldo is 33 with rock hard abs. I’m 21, and I all I have to do is breath to have a pot belly.”

@delali_10 marveled at Ronaldo’s abs by comparing them to lined-up half dozen eggs. The tweet simply read “Ronaldo’s abs” with the picture attached.

On the other hand, @RDNagle92 cringed when the ab-showing happened. He tweeted:

“Ronaldo showing his abs after a goal gotta be top ten cringe celebrations of all time, yea?”

@CheapPanini could not get the image of Ronaldo’s abs out of his head. He said:

“I’ve seen Ronaldo’s abs so many times that they’re still there when I close my eyes and I can’t stop it and I just want them to go away.”

Even @Sim_Diesel’s seven-year-old son had something to say about Ronaldo’s abs. Simon tweeted:

“‘Take your abs somewhere else Ronaldo…’ Owen, aged 7 hahaha”

Some fans did not fail to bring up Ronaldo’s recent rape allegations made by American model Kathryn Mayorga alongside their abs tweets.

@CulesOf tweeted:

“Cristiano Ronaldo forcing us to look at his abs. Not the first time he’s forced himself upon someone.”

The event also sparked humorous conversations between fans as they made fun of the former Man U player.

@RossWB asked in a tweet:

“do you think ronaldo has named his abs? i do”

A fellow Ronaldo fan, @BlastBackKudos, replied:

“Ronaldo 1, Ronaldo 2, Ronaldo 3, Ronaldo 4, Ronaldo 5, Ronaldo 6, Ronaldo 7, Ronaldo 8, Ronaldo 9, Ronaldo 10.”

Then, @RossWB wondered which ab Ronaldo’s favorite would be. @BlastBackKudos responded, “Ronaldo 7. Duh.”

After the muscle show-off, the game continued as Man U’s Juan Mata and Alex Sandro scored their respective goals for their team. The game then ended with a total score of 2-1, meaning a home loss for Juventus.

This result was in contrast to what sportsbooks predicted. Most sportsbooks hoped for a victory for Juventus. Betfair gave Juventus 1.65 odds and Man U 6.60 odds to win. It came as no a surprise when sportsbooks sided with Juventus.  Excluding Wednesday’s game, the team remained undefeated since April 23 when they had a 1-0 loss to Napoli at the Serie A.

Whether it was Ronaldo’s muscle flex or Man U’s drive for victory that distracted Juventus from a total win, either way it is better for Ronaldo to keep his abs to himself for a while as Juventus recovers on this loss. Juventus’ next match will be on November 11 against Milan for Serie A.