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Ronaldo Grabs Career Milestone With His 50th Hat-Trick

Date Posted: March 22, 2018

There was no stopping Cristiano Ronaldo’s winning streak as Real Madrid beats Girona 6-3 last Sunday, setting the bar high with the 50th hat-trick of his career.

Despite Real Madrid’s strong performance last Sunday, sportsbooks have given the club low odds of winning La Liga. Every sports betting site strongly favors Barcelona to take home the cup because of the club’s 15-point lead against Real Madrid.

Ronaldo’s Career HighlightCristiano Ronaldo with Real Madrid

Last Sunday saw Ronaldo’s second hat-trick this season, which brings his total hat-trick in La Liga to 34. This figure is now the highest recorded hat-trick in the Spanish Premier League since Ronaldo is the top ranking footballer.ionel Messi, Ronaldo’s longstanding rival, follows close with 28 treble scores. Because of Ronaldo’s performance last Sunday, Messi has his work cut out for him to clear the six-point gap between their hat-trick records.

The Portuguese player looks to be at the top of his game during Real Madrid’s match against Girona. Ronaldo achieved another career record of 21 goals in La Liga, thanks to the four goals he netted last Sunday. His previous record was 20 goals back in 2013.

Thanks to this achievement, Ronaldo is two goals ahead of Messi across all competitions for the 2017-2018 season.  Currently, Ronaldo has 37 goals while Messi has 35. The two-goal gap is from the Champions League, from where Real’s top goal scorer hit a 12-6 goal bonanza over Barcelona’s top player. Meanwhile, Messi takes the lead at La Liga with 25 goals over Ronaldo’s 22.

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Real Madrid Odds to Win La Liga

With the current standings of every club in La Liga, Real Madrid’s odds are stacked. Bet365 set them at 151.00 odds while William Hill gave the club 67.00 odds to win. In contrast, Barcelona enjoys odds of 1.005 from Bet365 and 1.01 from William Hill.

At this time, Barcelona secured its chance to win the cup with 75 points in the La Liga standings. With Real Madrid currently running with 60 points, Zinedine Zidane’s men will have a monster of a task to close the 15-point gap in the remaining games.

Zidane said:

“What we have to do is win games, that’s all. Keep going to the end of the season. That’s what we have to do and that’s what we have to think about. It’s not easy to go out and win all the games but it’s what the players have to try and do. If we’re always motivated and thinking about the game, then we can achieve something great. There’s always a league – it’s right to the end for every team. Perhaps everyone thinks the league is over but in football you can never give up. That’s what we have to do. We have to get it into our heads that our remaining league games are important. We’re going to fight until the end of the league. It’s complicated but it’s not impossible, that’s the difference between what I say and what you [the media] say. It’s difficult, it’s very difficult, but it’s not impossible.”

There are still nine games for Real Madrid to catch up to the points of Barcelona. But for the club to win La Liga, they will need to score an average of two or more goals per game.

The match on May 6 will be a crucial game for Real Madrid because they will be up against Barcelona. Real Madrid will need to prevent the likes of Messi from scoring any goals while finding a way past Barcelona’s defenses during this match. The pressure is on for Zidane to make the club take home the cup again this year.

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