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Ronaldo, Other Champions League Players Star in Spoof Series

Date Posted: December 11, 2018

Sports website Bleacher Report (B/R) released an animated spoof series called The Champions. The show revolves around the story of what it would be like if all 800 UEFA Champions League players and their managers lived together under one roof just like that in reality TV.

The Champions started airing on September 17, a day before the first Matchday of this season’s UEFA Champions League. The ongoing series is scheduled to have 13 episodes and is released every Monday through B/R’s social media channels.

Football Stars in Reality TV

The flow of each episode shifts from player to player in which the scenes are satirical. The show starts with an overlook of the estate grounds showing the lavishness of the soccer industry. Then, the main stars of the episode introduce themselves in a candid manner before the story rolls.

The Champions Cast

In episode one, the players move in. Viewers get an insight on each player as they are given a personal background. Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo transfers to the Italian Juventus team in which he finds time to “connect to the average Italian” through being “more focused on image.”

The Champions Ronaldo Juventus


Other B/R Spoofs

This is not the first animated spoof series of B/R. The site has released an NBA in the medieval times series entitled Game of Zones, and Gridiron Heights which focuses on NFL stories in a high school setting.

According to Lee Walker, B/R’s international managing editor, adding a soccer series was the next step as it is one of the top three sports of the company. He said:

“We really focus on soccer alongside basketball and American football as a company, and the other two sports have had great success with their animation series: Game of Zones and Gridiron Heights, so we wanted to get a soccer version going. The beauty of Gridiron Heights and Game of Zones and why they’re so popular is the quality of the writing.”

He also thought that blending the Champions League with reality TV was a perfect match as stars of both industries share the same characteristics. He added:

“[reality TV series is a] great canvas to implant soccer stars, who are their own soap opera in terms of the drama, ego, and vanity.”

Co-creator of Game of Zones Adam Malamut is one of the executive producers of the show. He mentions that creating this series is a way to reach all kinds of soccer fans. He said:

“Our goal is to create a really good soccer cartoon that is worth people’s time in this attention economy. We like the challenge of making a cartoon that resonates on many different levels for all different types of fans.”

There are more candid scenes in other episodes of The Champions. Viewers can look forward to seeing other players such as Marco Reus, Thomas Müller, and Kyle Walker live under one roof. Meanwhile, outside the bounds of animation, Champions League players will be back for Matchday 6 on Tuesday, December 11.