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Russian & Japanese Skaters Get Top Odds for Figure Skating

Date Posted: February 15, 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympics is in full swing as athletes from around the world compete for the gold at PyeongChang. This includes the figure skating event which is one of the largest attractions of the Winter Games.

The favored skaters for the men’s and women’s figure skating events come from Japan and Russia, respectively. In addition, the favored markets for this Olympic event have EVS odds that are 2.00 or more. Punters have a good chance at doubling their bets when they make a wager for the top skater to get the gold.

Japan Rises Above in Men’s Figure Skating Event

Who Will Dominate Figure Skating Events in Winter Olympics 2018?Bitcoin sportsbooks put the spotlight on both Shoma Uno and Yuzuru Hanyu to win the gold medal in Pyeongchang. Bet365 sets Uno at 2.50 and Yuzu at 3.00. William Hill, on the other hand, gives Shoma 2.37 and Hanyu 3.25.

The 2018 PyeongChang Figure Skating event is all about the quads or quadruple spins. As the name implies, it is a trick in freestyle events where athletes spin four times in the air. Quads are one of the trickiest jumps to pull off in figure skating. Landing a single clean quad is already difficult, let alone pulling off a series of quadruple spins in one routine.

Both Uno and Yuzu are known for winning competitions with quads. Uno was the first skater to do a clean quad during an international competition and had won it with a routine full of quadruple spins. Yuzu was the first skater to complete a quadruple loop variant of the quad which is called the Rittberger in Europe.

The Japanese skaters, however, have a serious competition in the form of Nathan Chen. Chen is the only skater to do five quads in a single program. Both Bet365 and William Hill set him at 3.50 because of his capabilities. Fans can expect an explosion of amazing programs from the three favored skaters as they are likely to add a series of clean quads to their performance.

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Sportsbooks Favor Russian Skaters Despite the Ban

Bookmakers were likely blown away by Evgenia Medvedeva’s recent performance which got her a world record-breaking score of 81.06 last Sunday’s short program. Bet365 sets her at 1.83 while William Hill puts Evgenia at 2.00 odds to win the gold.

Medvedeva is a two-time world skating champion titleholder who is a fan of K-pop band EXO and has a healthy appetite for anime. She draws her inspiration from the things she loves. This can be seen in her program last Sunday which Medvedeva subs as about clinical death wherein a person experience ‘the flight of the soul.’

Meanwhile, Alina Zagitova is the second favored to win the gold and is a part of the Russian team. Bet365 and William Hill have her at 3.00. Bookmakers see her winning the gold because of her Women’s Free performance that got her a score of 158.08. When compared to Mirai Nagasu’s score of 137.53 and Gabrielle Daleman’s 137.14, the gap is visibly large.

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