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Singapore Grand Prix: Vettel Gets Highest Odds to Win

Date Posted: September 15, 2017

Sebastian Vettel’s experience and familiarity with Marina Bay Street Circuit makes him the current favored racer to win this season’s F1 Singapore Grand Prix.

Marina Bay Street Circuit is a night track that has 61 laps and runs for a distance of 308.965km with the lap spanning about 5.065km. This track is one of the most difficult circuits in the season due to several factors, some of which may have affected Lewis Hamilton’s Bitcoin sportsbook odds of winning this race.

Sebastian Vettel odds

For the first time after several races this season, Hamilton takes the back seat as Vettel receives the highest odds for the next race. William Hill has Vettel at 2.50 and Hamilton at 2.75, while BetRally sets Vettel at 2.40 and Hamilton at 2.75.

Bookmakers based their odds on Vettel’s record in the Singapore Grand Prix. Vettel has more podiums and wins in this track than Hamilton, having snatched six podiums and four wins as compared to the Briton’s only four podiums and two wins. This makes Vettel the only driver to have the most wins in Singapore Grand Prix. Vettel even has the fastest lap in the circuit of 1’43.885 which he achieved in 2016.

Vettel’s Monaco Grand Prix victory this season can also boost his confidence for the upcoming race. Monaco is similar to Marina Bay Circuit when it comes to its layout. Singapore Grand Prix favors cars with maximum downforce such as Ferrari and Red Bull.

The next Grand Prix could be a close race between the two top drivers. Hamilton achieved the first back-to-back win this season with his victory in the Italian Grand Prix.  He is also just three points away from Vettel’s current standings. A victory in the next Grand Prix can grant Hamilton the No.1 driver standing.

Marina Bay Street Circuit characteristics

One of the characteristics that make Marina Bay Street Circuit difficult is the many bumps on the road. This is due to the daily use of the roads that are part of the track. Even with some road repairs, the track is still not as smooth as other Grand Prix circuit.

The bumps can make the cars vibrate throughout the race. This puts a strain on the driver’s spine and it takes a considerable amount of effort to keep the car stable.

The other factor that makes the track hard is the 23 corners of the track. In just one lap, drivers need to constantly navigate a turn, apply the brakes at the right time, and accelerate at the right time.

With the distance of a single lap, Singapore Grand Prix can last for two hours. In these two hours, drivers are exposed to heavy vibrations while navigating many corners. This makes the Marina Bay a demanding street circuit for any driver.