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How Smart Sports Betting Increase Winning Chances

Date Posted: February 8, 2017

Sports betting can be a game of skill and not just a game of chance. Even if a bettor cannot directly influence the sports match, smart sports betting can help boost his chance of winning.

Being smart in making wagers on sports matches involves knowing the game and the athletes who are playing it. It also requires bettors be familiar with the sportsbooks they can bet with.

Bet with a clear head

The most important tip in Bitcoin sports betting is for players to have full control of their decision-making skills before attempting to make a wager. Making a bet on a sports event after downing four or six cold ones can quickly drain a bettor’s bankroll. It pays to have a clear head to make a smart wager.

Do the research

The essence of any smart bets comes from knowing the game and the people playing it. Doing so allows anyone to have a good grasp of the actual odds in a sports match than most bookmakers. One example is a UFC match of a champion and a favorite competitor who had not fought in the match for more than a year like the Amanda Nunes and Ronda Rousey bout. Most sportsbooks favored Rousey while classifying Nunes as the underdog in terms of the betting odds.

Bettors who kept up with the sport knew that Nunes had a better chance of winning because she had gone through a number of challenging matches. On the other hand, Rousey only returned to the octagon after a long. In the end, Nunes defended her title in what turned out to be a sorry loss for Rousey. Many who did their research and got more out of the bookie’s odds walked away with a large payout.

Choose the best odds

Line shopping is a way of finding a sportsbook that has a better price than the other. For example, there is a tennis match that has +200 odds in one sportsbook. However, another similar match with +210 odds is on another sports betting site, while a different sportsbook listed +230 odds.

Smart bettors would go with the sportsbook that gives +230 odds. A good way to always get the best Bitcoin sports betting odds is to check all available Bitcoin sportsbooks. Bettors must keep themselves updated with the odds offered by popular online bookies like Bovada band Nitrogen Sports.

It is also important for players to carefully choose the sportsbooks they prefer to bet on based on the betting options offered. Some Bitcoin sportsbooks offer various options, while there are also those with limited betting options.

Moreover, taking note of prop bets is also ideal. Sportsbet.io and DirectBet have several prop bets for the popular matches across various sports.