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Soccerbot Roots for Underdogs in English Premier League 2018-2019

Date Posted: August 6, 2018

The Soccerbot correctly predicted France would triumph in 2018 FIFA World Cup. Now, it says an underdog will dominate English Premier League 2018-2019.

Should bettors let this prediction influence their outright bets? Or should they go with what most sportsbooks say that Manchester City, the defending champion with 4-6 odds of winning, will once again win? The other city hopefuls entering the top five picks of bookies are Manchester United with 7-1 odds, Tottenham with 16-1 odds, Liverpool with 4-1 odds, and Chelsea with 12-1 odds.

At this day and age, browsing through sportsbooks and writing down odds may not be the best way to place bets. That is according to David Sumpter, a mathematician and the author of ”Soccermatics.”  He developed a model called Soccerbot that can predict which team will most likely be the winner in a soccer tournament.

Soccerbot collects all the team’s current performance data as well as odds and then calculates the prediction. It may seem like it is a scam but Soccerbot has proven itself to be 2,000 percent accurate on Premier League predictions.

Sumpter’s model showed accuracy in the last World Cup as well. It predicted draws for England-Colombia (+215) and Spain-Russia (+280). And before reaching semifinals, Soccerbot predicted France’s win against Uruguay.

Putting trust in Soccerbot, Sumpter reveals his picks. He sees that Liverpool will not do well this season. He said:

“Liverpool is not as strong as the Premier League 2019 odds suggest. Sure, the Reds made it to the Champions League final last year behind an explosive offense that featured Mohamed Salah, who scored 43 goals in all competitions. And Liverpool has had a strong offseason, adding Naby Keita and Fabinho already. However, Liverpool has never won the Premier League title since its inception in 1992.”

He also does not see Premier League favorite, Manchester City, prevailing. Manchester City will have to work hard in Sumpter’s books. He added:

“I think [Manchester] City is overvalued here. The Citizens will want to focus on a Champions League campaign after falling to Liverpool in last year’s quarterfinal.”

Taking note of Sumpter’s predictions, will the Soccerbot crush this season’s English Premier League results like what it did to the 2018 World Cup? Or will sports bettors see its flaws?

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