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Will Sports Betting Soon Be the Next Big Thing in BWW Restos?

Date Posted: August 14, 2018

The Minnesota-based restaurant and sports bar chain, Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW), is looking to add sports betting to its menu. This is following the US Supreme Court ruling last May declaring the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) unconstitutional.

Prior to this ruling, PASPA prohibited the residents of almost all states from betting on sports. But now that the Supreme Court has already killed PASPA, it is up to each individual state to decide whether or not its residents can wager on sports.

Meanwhile, BWW’s plan to merge its food with sports betting is now in the works. The company’s spokesperson said:

“As the largest sports bar in America, we believe Buffalo Wild Wings is uniquely positioned to leverage sports gaming to enhance the restaurant experience for our guests. We are actively exploring opportunities, including potential partners, as we evaluate the next steps for our brand.”

Currently, BWW is the third largest casual-dining chain in the US. With over 1,200 branches across different states, this restaurant brand that seeks to offer sports betting will have to deal with varying state laws on gambling.

John Decree, head of North America Equity for Union Gaming, said:

“It’ll be hard for them [Buffalo Wild Wings] to try to get licensed in every state that allows it. There’s a lot of legal costs and time involved.”

On the other hand, BWW eyes sealing partnership with a betting group or a legal casino for the sports betting plan to move forward in all its branches. Rather than acquiring gambling licenses state by state, teaming up with a legal casino or sportsbook is BWW’s best bet.

With the US Supreme Court ruling lifted, which restaurant franchise will soon follow BWW’s steps?

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