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Sports Wager 101: Basic Bets All Bettors Must Know

Date Posted: May 16, 2017

Going through the basic sports wager 101 can make a sports match or tournament more enjoyable for any of its fans. This is due to how bettors can profit from backing a favorite team through a wager. Sports wagers are sure to make football fans enjoy this season’s Champions League, Europa League, and Premier League.

One of the reasons some are put off by sports wagers is due to the complicated terms that a sportsbook use. However, almost all of these terms are actually simple to understand if a bettor knows the basic behind the bets.

1×2 betting

The most basic kind of sports wager is the 1X2. Basically, this is where a bettor place a bet on which team is going to win a match. It is also where a person can bet if the match will end in a tie or a draw.

Totals betting

While 1×2 betting focus on who is going to win the match, totals focus on the overall score of the game. Bettors wager on whether the combined or total points of the two teams will be more than the number that the bookies have set.

Handicap betting

Bettors often choose a handicap bet in a match where the favored team has a very high odds of winning against the competing team. This bet is where a Bitcoin sportsbook will give the underdog the advantage over the favored. Bettors place a bet on whether there will be a certain score gap between the favored and the underdog team.

One example is where Team A has a handicap bet of -2.5, with Team A as the favored and Team B as the underdog. A bettor who backs team A wins his bet if the favored team can score three or more goals than Team B. Should Team A score anything less than three goals, those who wager on the underdog team will win the bet.

Parlay betting

Parlay bets are a combination of two or more wagers. This is one of the hardest bets to win since it needs to win every wager within a parlay bet in order for a bettor to get his payout. This kind of bet is mostly for entertainment and not something a regular bettor usually take like a 1×2 or handicap bet. The odds of winning a bet are incredibly low where the odds are usually around 240 to 1.

Due to the high risk of the bet, the payout rate is incredibly high. Parlay bets also have a very low buy-in rate. This makes the bet accessible for bettors who keep a low bankroll. Parlay bets allow bettors to make straight bets on multiple games with a small buy in amount. For example, the cost of a parlay bet for five matches can be $100. Placing a straight bet on just one match is $100. This saves a bettor $400 to place a stake on all five games instead of just one.

These bets are available in different Bitcoin sportsbooks like Nitrogen Sports and Bovada. Other sports betting sites like Powerbet also gives bettors more options for betting on popular sports like football and basketball.