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What Sportsbook Odds Think of Jenson Button’s Return

Date Posted: May 26, 2017

Jenson Button returns to the track for a one-shot race at the Monaco Grand Prix as Fernando Alonso’s substitute, who chose to race in the Indianapolis 500.

The returning racer was the world champion in 2009 and even won in Monaco that season. However, Bitcoin sportsbook odds have placed Button far from the top three drivers for this grand prix.

Competitive but still low on odds

Button will take Alonso’s place for Monaco this season since he has a contract with McLaren-Honda as the reserve driver.

Even with Button’s experience with the Monaco track, sportsbooks are not giving him any favorable odds. Bet365 has him at 301.00 to win in Monaco while Sportsbet.io sets him at 240.00.

Bookies see the British driver’s absence throughout this season as a negative factor that limits his chances of finishing ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. Moreover, all cars in the 2017 season have gone through some new specification. His machine will be significantly faster and are 20cm wider. There is also the new Pirelli tire which handles differently.

Button has only gone through the simulation to get the feel of the new specifications. He will only get to test out the car on the first practice run. But according to him, he does not feel any pressure.

He said:

“It’s exciting but I don’t feel any pressure. I want to be competitive – getting the best out of yourself and the team and the equipment, that hasn’t changed. The car seems to be working well. I drove the upgrades in the simulator and there is a definite improvement. I am very relaxed, very excited, it’s interesting coming back for one grand prix and it being Monaco is very special. I have won here before and I lived here for 17 years.”

Circuit de Monaco to benefit Button

Jenson Button is a veteran Formula One racer who has been joining races since 2000 with Williams F1. Even before his professional F1 career, Button has been karting since he was only eight.

Button has gone through 305 races throughout his career. He won 15 of these races and reached the podium in 50 events. In 2009, Button took home the World Championship title with 169 starts. He even wrote a book about his experience that season. In September 2016, Button announced his retirement with his last race set in Abu Dhabi.

Circuit de Monaco has many low-speed cornering opportunities. There is no long straight line in the tracks, and this will be hard for the racers to find an attack opportunity to overtake another car. Since the track is dominated by low-speed corners and the surface has been reworked, tire wear will be the least of everyone’s problem.

The low-speed cornering is a perfect opportunity for the Honda engine of Button’s car. The engine is lacking which makes it suitable for Monaco.