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Sportsbooks Predict Different 2017 World Snooker Champions

Date Posted: April 17, 2017

The 2017 World Snooker Championship is in full swing with the first set of matches ongoing this week. The event will run from April 15 to May 1 at The Crucible Theatre in England.

Fiat and Bitcoin sportsbook Bet365, Betrally, and Anonibet are giving the previous high performance players the highest odds possible. This includes last year’s champion, Mark Selby. Players can engage in snooker Bitcoin betting to join the excitement in this year’s championship.

2017 World Snooker Championship

The World Snooker Championship is one of the three major snooker events. It follows the format of having 32 players compete against each other for over 17 days until the first Monday of May. It is also known as the 2017 Betfred World Snooker Championship.

During the first round, players will compete for over 19 frames within two sessions. The pressure goes up in the second round and quarterfinals where the match will be the best of 25 frames over three sessions. The semifinals will have 33 frames while the finals will have 35 frames. Both of the frames go through four sessions.

Sixteen spots for the tournament go to the top players of the snooker world if any accepts the invitation. Otherwise, all players will need to participate in the first qualifying round.

The world’s top-ranking player will automatically get the first seed in the game. The same goes with the other 16 top-ranking players where the best of the group will also get a seed automatically.

Competitive odds in Bitcoin sportsbooks

It is not a surprise to see not just one Bitcoin sportsbook giving the favored odds to Mark Selby. Selby is a two-time winner of the World Championship series. Apart from the World Championship, 2016 was a good year for Selby. He took home the trophy in the Paul Hunter Classic, the International Championship, and the UK Championship. His second victory in the 2016 World Championship event set his spot as the first world-ranking snooker player.

Bet365 has Selby at 4.50 while BetRally puts him at 4.60 to win the World Championship 2017. On the other hand, Betrally and Bet365 also give Judd Trump 4.50 odds to win.

Judd Trump is the second world-ranking player who was once the first in the world ranking. Trump got the highest rank possible in the snooker world when he beat Mark Selby in the 2011 China Open. Trump was also an achiever in 2016. He took home the trophy in the European Masters and Players Championship last year.

Another sportsbook that is giving the top favorable spot to a different player than Selby is Anonibet. The Bitcoin sportsbook is placing 4.50 on Ronnie O’Sullivan while Selby gets 5.50. Even Bet365 is giving O’Sullivan 5.50.

O’Sullivan is currently the 12th world-ranking player who once had the top world ranking title. O’Sullivan has the most titles among the other high-ranking players in the tournament. There is a possibility that he can give Selby or Trump a run for their money in the finals.