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Team Secret Breaks Language Barrier in Dota 2 Tournament

Date Posted: November 24, 2017

Team Secret was faced with a crisis at the last minute of the Perfect World Masters 2017 where they need to have a substitute player who can only speak in Chinese. Fortunately, the team utilized the chat wheel in Dota 2 to allow the player to communicate with the team.

The Perfect World Masters is one of the first minor Dota 2 tournaments held in Shanghai. Online sportsbooks with Bitcoin favor Team Secret and Vici Gaming to win the tournament.Perfect World Masters 2017 runs from Nov. 19-26

No language barrier in Dota 2

Team Secret’s MidOne team needed to skip the tournament due to an urgent personal matter at the start of the Perfect World Masters. With only a couple of hours away before their match with LGD, the team scrambled to find a substitute.

The only one who can fill MidOne shoes in just a short time is EHOME’s Chen ‘Cty’Tianyu. Cty is EHOME’s competent carry and has the skills to meet Team Secret’s performance. However, Team Secret talks to each other in English while Cty only speaks Chinese.

To solve this problem, Team Secret used the chat wheel in the game. The in-game chat wheel is used to send an automated message to the team. This allows Cty and other members of team secret to say if there are no enemies in their lane if they need to have someone use their Ult.

The chat wheel looks as if it has helped Cty to overcome the language barrier with his team. In their match against Mineski, Team Secret managed to pull off a strategy to smoke gank their enemy and proceed to Roshan. Team Secret got a tie against LGD gaming and a 2-0 win against Kinguin on the second day.

Perfect World Masters 2017

Perfect World Masters is a Minor Dota 2 tournament from Nov. 19 to 26. Ten esports teams are competing for a prize pool of $300,000. Winners will also get qualification points for The International Dota 2 Championship next year.

The tournament is broken up into the Group Stage and Playoffs. Eight teams with the most points during the Group Stage will advance to the Playoffs.

Playoffs are a double-elimination bracket. Teams who lose in the top bracket can still play in the lower bracket. All matches in the top bracket, with the exception of the grand finals, will be a best of three. Every match in the lower bracket is best of one only. The grand finals are set to a best of five.

Esports team odds

Bitcoin sportsbooks such as Bet365 covers Perfect World Masters 2017. Many sportsbooks favor Team Secret and Vici Gaming. One of the gambling sites is giving Team Secret 2.50 odds to reach the finals. It is also setting Vici Gaming 2.75 to get to the finals.