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Which Team Will Reign in The International 2017?

Date Posted: July 26, 2017

The International 2017 is at hand with 16 teams battling for the Aegis of Champions and a crowd funded prize pool that is more than $22 million as of this time in writing. This is a good time to take a look back at the mid-lane to the International 2017 as to how the qualified teams got their spot for the main event in the annual Dota 2 esports championship tournament.

Before the Main Event, there will be a Group Stage event on Aug. 2. The best teams in the upcoming event will take their spot in the main event bracket.

Main Event competitors

There are 18 teams who are set to attend the biggest Dota 2 tournament this August. About six teams were given a direct invite from Valve to compete in the main event.

The most interesting teams to get an invite are Invictus Gaming and Newbee from China. Invictus is one of the leading teams in the region despite their lack of consistency in performance. The team made a name after beating OG in the Asian Championships. They have also delivered many incredible victories in recent months. Their competitor, Newbee, has proven themselves with their continuous placement in many major Dota 2 events across the globe.

Four of the direct invite teams are powerhouses in the world of esports. These are Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, Virtus Pro, and OG. All four are household esports names even outside of the competitive community.

One of the most surprising teams to qualify is Planet Dog. The members are experienced players who have been performing well in online events but have never been in any major LAN events. Many see them as the underdogs in the Main Qualifiers after losing to Mousesports in the Main Qualifiers. After the team’s loss though, the Dogs took down Singularity and Bears to make it to the grand finals where they won against Mousesports with 3 – 1. The team was delivering the kind of performance that can take anyone to the finals of the main event.

Team Secret from Europe did not get an invite for the Group Stage from Valve despite how well they performed in previous events. However, they got an invite for the Main Qualifiers event to show Valve that they were worth the reserved spot. The team took the round robin with eight wins

Group Stage

There will be a Group Stage event for the 18 teams to compete in before the main event. The event will run from Aug. 2 to 5.

During this event, there are two groups that will have nine teams compete with one another. All the teams will play against one another in their group in a best-of-two match. The top four teams in the Group Stage will take their place in the upper bracket of the main event. Those who place in the fourth to eight places will be in the lower bracket.  Any team in the ninth place of the group is eliminated.

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