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Thomas’ Phone Celebration, 4 Other Scenarios Surprise NFL Week 9 Viewers

Date Posted: November 5, 2018

New Orleans Saints won its matchup against the Los Angeles Rams during Week 9 of the 2018 NFL Season. The game, held on Sunday in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, resulted in the Saints ending the Rams’ unbeaten streak with a final score of 45-35.

The Rams now stand with a record of 8-1 yet remain the number one on the National Football Conference (NFC) West leaderboard. Meanwhile, the Saints now have a record of 7-1, making them top of the NFC South leaderboard.

The Saints did not only bring their “A” game but also made everyone’s jaws drop with surprising events during the match. Here are five unexpected highlights of Sunday’s game:

1| Outcome of Game Did Not Match Bookies’ Predictions

Days before the game, sportsbooks revealed the odds of winning of both teams. The Rams were the favored team to win the match. 1xBet gave the Rams -127 odds and the Saints +108 odds, while bet365 set the Rams’ odds at -132 and the Saints’ at +110.

The successive wins that the Rams had in the season are most likely the reason bookies favored them over the Saints. However, the Saints were able to surpass these expectations after handing the Rams their first loss of the season. This goes to show that odds set by sportsbooks are not always reliable after all.


2| Michael Thomas Set New Saints Record

Saints’ wide receiver Michael Thomas made a whopping 12 receptions in their game against the Rams. This is a new record for the most single-game receptions in New Orleans Saints’ history.

Thomas’ 12th reception even led to a 72-yard touchdown which granted his team 10 points with only four minutes left on the clock. He also had 211 receiving yards during the game which was also a franchise record.

After the game, @NFLonFOX tweeted an image commending Thomas for his outstanding play during the match. The tweet read:

“What a night for the @Cantguardmike takeover ? Michael Thomas sets a franchise receiving yards record with his performance against the Rams.”

3| Classic Joe Horn Cellphone Stunt Redone

Michael Thomas decided to do a nod to ex-Saints wide receiver Joe Horn by redoing the former player’s cellphone celebration stunt.

As soon as Thomas scored his 72-yard bomb, he went to the goal post and retrieved a flip phone hidden below it. He acted as if he was talking to someone through the phone after dialing in a number.

New Orleans Saints tweeted a clip of Thomas’ touchdown and remake of the classic cellphone stunt. The @Saints tweet read:

“Brees finds Michael Thomas for the dagger! #LARvsNO”

Horn originally did this stunt in 2003 after scoring a touchdown during the second quarter of a match against the New York Giants. NFL Throwback has an old tweet of the video of the original cellphone celebration stunt. The @nflthrowback tweet read:

“Ahead of his time. It was 2003, and Joe Horn was already busting out celebrations that would break Twitter. ? #NOvsNYG”

4| Benjamin Watson Made a Baby Announcement

Before Thomas did the remake of the classic cellphone celebration, the Saints’ tight end Benjamin Watson had a statement of his own after scoring a touchdown against the Rams during the second quarter.

After passing through the goal line, Watson immediately tucked the ball under his jersey and rubbed it as if it was his stomach. He then waved to the crowd with his left hand which was followed by raising two fingers on his right hand.

@Saints even tweeted a video clip of Watson scoring the touchdown and doing the gesture. The tweet read:

“@BenjaminSWatson with the best baby announcement – ever! #GoSaints”

Fans online were surprised with the tweet asking for answers as to whether it really was a baby announcement from the Saints’ tight end. @Saints later followed up with a tweet confirming that Watson and his wife are expecting twins. The tweet read:

“Watson confirmed – Twins are on the way! What a way to announce ?”

5| Drew Brees Threw Four Touchdowns

The Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees threw four touchdown passes which were of big help as the team were playing toward victory.

Brees, now 39 years old, was able to complete 25 of 36 passes for 346 yards with four touchdowns, all of which were not intercepted. He also rushed 16 yards on four carries during the game which was astounding for an 18-year veteran that he is.

Sports Illustrated tweeted a photo of the quarterback diving for the ball during the game. The @SInow tweet read:

“39 years old and still laying out like a young man”

These are some of the most surprising highlights of Week 9’s matchup between the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints. There is a chance that these teams will face each other once again before the season ends. With the Rams and the Saints on top of their respective NFC leaderboards, the teams may end up going against each other if they maintain their standing until the NFC Championship Game kicks off.