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UK Championship 2017: Odds Expect O’Sullivan’s 6th Title

Date Posted: December 8, 2017

The quarterfinal round of UK Championship 2017 is set for today with four of the top players competing for the semi-finals spot. Total prize money of £850,000 is at stake with the winner taking home £170,000.

Ronnie O’Sullivan is the current favorite among Bitcoin sports betting sites for the major snooker tournament. Shaun Murphy, on the other hand, is the second favored player for the championship.

Will Ronnie O’Sullivan Win the Championship?

To anyone following the snooker scene, there is no question as to why bookmakers are strongly siding with Ronnie O’Sullivan to win the championship. William Hill puts O’Sullivan at 1.57 while Bet365 gives him 1.66.

William Hill offers highest odds for Ronnie O’SullivanO’Sullivan is regarded as one of the best snooker players across the globe. He got the nickname ‘The Rocket’ because of his rapid play style and constantly taking the attack approach. O’Sullivan is also ambidextrous, enabling him to have the better end of the stick.

He also has five World Champion titles with 30 ranking tournament wins under his belt. He is currently the fourth-ranking snooker player in the world and was once the 1st ranking player.

His only weakness was his irritability as he is easily getting demoralized for botched plays. He was likely to lose several consecutive frames because of this. But, O’Sullivan found a way to get over this problem in recent years.

There are few who can match Ronnie O’Sullivan. One of which was the defending champion, Mark Selby. Unfortunately, Selby has bowed out of the championship after his loss of 6-3 against Scott Donaldson. The other player to block O’Sullivan’s path to his sixth UK Championship title is Shaun Murphy.

Shaun Murphy Stands in O’Sullivan’s Way

Shaun Murphy has the second highest odds given out by Bitcoin sportsbooks for snooker betting. In fact, both William Hill and Bet365 put him at 5.00.

Murphy is known for his straight cue action. He is also skilled at long potting. He has made 438-century breaks and is currently the sixth ranking snooker player. Peaking at rank no.3, Murphy was given the nickname ‘The Magician’ because of his amazing trick shots.

The Rocket and the Magician are known nemesis in the snooker scene. They met several times before the UK Championship. O’Sullivan is usually the one to walk out the winner during these encounters. One of the rare occasions is the Champion of Champions tournament in England last month. Murphy won against O’Sullivan with a score of 10-8.

There is even rich rivalry happening between the two when Murphy disproves O’Sullivan’s negative comments on the snooker scene. Murphy sees himself as the ambassador of the game and wants to promote it in a positive light as much as possible. This type of rivalry has both gunning to beat the other for the final prize.

Murphy and O’Sullivan’s rivalry can lead to an exciting finals match if both can survive the quarterfinals and semi-finals.