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UltraPlay Improves Esports In-Play Betting Model

Date Posted: March 30, 2018

UltraPlay improves its esports in-play betting model by adding more wagering markets. Bettors can now enjoy prop bets like Map Advantage and Winner Round 1 during live events.

When it comes to esports betting odds, UltraPlay is one of the leading betting solutions providers in the competitive gaming scene. The company’s experience in traditional sportsbook and esports allows it to formulate the best odds on the market.

Peter Ivanov, head of trading of UltraPlay, said:

“We are proud to provide the most advanced and competitive eSports live betting model on the market right now. The highest-quality product comes as a result of more than a year research and development in order to meet the expectations of both operators and players for dynamic eSports betting. The model will also serve as a solid ground for introducing more games into live betting in the future.”

New In-Play Model Wagers

UltraPlay Covers Several Esports GamesIn-play bets are different because punters can make wagers while a game is underway. The betting market is based on the flow of a certain match. As a result, the odds constantly change throughout the game. The changing odds of in-play bets give punters a chance to get a better value on their wagers.

Due to the recent update from UltraPlay, the live-betting model will not be limited to the winner of the game. Punters can look forward to new and exciting variations of wagers they can make while a match plays out in real time. For instance, there are Map Advantage, Correct Score, and Decider Map Played bets for League of Legends (LoL) matches. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) matches, on the other hand, will have Winner Round, Round Advantage, and Total Rounds bets.

UltraPlay already provides the new wagers to the in-play model through its regular esportsbook solution. But the ever-changing odds of the new markets in the in-play model make them more exciting to any kinds of punters. Bettors might get better odds for certain prop bets during a live match.

Operators can also attract the interest of seasoned punters and savvy esports audiences with the updated in-play model. Sportsbooks that utilize UltraPlay’s latest live-betting model will potentially see an increase in visitors during major live events like The International for DOTA 2 or the Oceanic Pro League for LoL.

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New Games to be Added in Future Changes

As what Ivanov said, there are plans for UltraPlay’s in-play model to include more games apart from LoL, DOTA 2, and CS:GO. The new games to be added to the model will be based on the demand from a majority of esports punters.

UltraPlay currently offers odds for Trading Card Game (TCG) genre games like Hearthstone and the recently added Witcher 3: GWENT. The esportsbook solution provider also offers odds for more Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games like Heroes of Newerth or Heroes of the Storm. When the demand is high for any competitive games that UltraPlay covers, the provider will consider adding it to the in-play model.

UltraPlay is known to pay attention to what is happening on the current market. Recently, it added Witcher 3 GWENT esports betting to its portfolio because of the popularity of the card game.

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