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UltraPlay Innovates Esports Betting With eGold

Date Posted: November 10, 2017

UltraPlay recently unveiled eGold as an esports cryptocurrency and interested parties can get their hands on this through the upcoming token sale beginning later this month.

To become available through a pre-token sale from Nov. 24 to 30, eGold will revolutionize esports Bitcoin betting sites through the use of the Blockchain technology. The new cryptocurrency can create a unifying dynamic among punters across sportsbooks that offer esports odds.

Mario Ovcharov, chief commercial officer of UltraPlay, said:

“We are very excited to introduce eGold to the eSports and crypto community. Together, we can make it the first-choice payment method for eSports betting. Having been at the forefront of the iGaming market for 7 years now, we believe that our ICO investors and participants will bring the high value of eGold and will force our future developments, based on Blockchain.”

What to know about eGold

Objectives of eGold esports cryptocurrencyeGold is an ERC20 Ethereum-based coin which uses the Smart Contract Blockchain network. This allows for quick, easy, and secure esports betting.

All transactions are decentralized and automated. There is no third party that needs to process the payments or winnings of any punters. Smart contract technology also makes eGold payment transparent and secured. Every transaction will be recorded on the Blockchain which allows bettors to verify it anytime.

The team developing eGold are handpicked individuals who have experience and knowledge of Blockchain technology. Some members of the team also have a background in esports betting. It should be noted that UltraPlay is a technology company that focuses on the esports betting market. This makes its members qualified to create a token dedicated to the esports scene.

eGold will be utilized first in Buff88, a sports betting platform for esports. The website will be developed to add Blockchain-based betting options.

More about the eGold ICO campaign

The eGold ICO campaign starts on Dec. 18, 2017 and will end on Feb. 28, 2018. There will be limited promotions held throughout certain periods of the campaign. During this time, investors can gain more eGold with one Ether coin.

One example is on the first day of the campaign on Dec. 18 called ‘Power Day’. For 24 hours, investors can buy 10,666 eGold for only 1 ETH. After the launch day, there is the ‘Power Week’ period that starts from Dec. 19 to 31. ‘Power Week’ is where 1 ETH can buy 9,777 eGold tokens. Throughout the rest of the campaign from Jan. 1 to Feb. 28, 1 ETH can buy 8,888 eGold tokens.