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UltraPlay Provides FIFA Interactive World Cup Odds

Date Posted: August 18, 2017

UltraPlay announced its plan on providing FIFA Interactive World Cup odds for the event’s grand finals. FIFA is EA’s most popular and longest running sports gaming franchise.

UltraPlay sets itself apart from another sportsbook by focusing only on the esports scene. This allows the company to offer competitive odds and cover games that are not found in another Bitcoin sportsbook.

Peter Ivanov, head of esports trading of Ultraplay, said:

“Led by the mission and experience of building a betting brand that appeals to eSports fans, UltraPlay is constantly improving its eSports odds provision and betting options to offer next level of gaming experience. That was the core idea behind the company’s decision to become the first iGaming provider offering live betting on FIFA Interactive World Cup Grand Final – the highly ranked and prestigious international tournament followed by millions of fans worldwide.”

UltraPlay FIFA Interactive World Cup sports bet

The Grand Final of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 runs from Aug. 16 to 18 in London. UltraPlay will be the only one to allow spectators of the event to make wagers on their esports team.

Apart from odds, the company will also offer live sports betting during the event. Live sports betting are where bettors can place their wagers in the middle of a match. What makes this feature interesting is how the odds can change throughout the match.

The FIFA Interactive World Cup is the result of the rising popularity of the esports scene in a country where football is king. Actual football clubs from around the world will have its team of professional FIFA 17 players to compete in the Interactive World Cup.

There are 24 players from actual football clubs. This year’s World Cup has 19 clubs participating in it. AS Roma from Italy and West Ham United from England are two of the participating clubs.

There are two divisions during the FIFA Interactive World Cup which are for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The team in each division competes for the one spot to the Grand Final. The Grand Final is where the top team in each division will face off for the title.

The champion or winner of the Grand Final will take home $200,000 in cash prize and a trip for two to The Best FIFA Football Awards ceremony. The biggest possible prize for the champion is the chance to meet the actual football players themselves.

UltraPlay details

Ultraplay is an advanced sportsbook company that is heavily vested in the esports scene. The company has experts who are familiar with the factors that go into an esports game and have formulated odds for a traditional sports game. This allows Ultraplay to release its own competitive odds that are based on real-life sports and digital gaming factors. Esports bettors can find Ultraplay odds at certain Bitcoin gambling sites like BetEast.