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Vettel & Mercedes Lead Drivers’ & Constructors’ Standings

Date Posted: August 14, 2017

Ferrari’s main guy, Sebastian Vettel, leads the drivers’ race halfway through the season with a 14-point lead over Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton. But it is a different story in the constructors’ leaderboard as Mercedes continues to dominate the standings in the Formula 1 2017 season.

With only nine championships left to race this year, this year’s World Championship becomes more exciting, more so with the Bitcoin sportsbook odds giving bettors large chances to win big. In fact, online bookies’ outright odds may still hold true for the current standings, save for the inevitable changes that may occur in the next races.

Drivers’ World Championship standings

Vettel and Hamilton lead the standings with 202 points and 188 points, respectively. Hamilton’s fellow Mercedes driver, Valterri Bottas, comes in at third with 169 points. Trailing behind with a 52-point margin is Daniel Ricciardo who represents Red Bull Racing, while aiming to land the fourth spot in the next races is Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen with 116 points.

These familiar names round up the top five spots in the drivers’ standings of the Formula 1 2017 season. However, Bitcoin sports betting sites narrow down their choices to either Vettel or Hamilton to take the crown. In fact, online sportsbooks give Hamilton better odds than Vettel at winning this season.

Bet365 gives Hamilton 1.72 odds whereas Vettel settles for 2.25 odds. Even William Hill sides with Hamilton with 1.83 odds, giving Vettel set 2.20 odds.

Even after finishing fourth in the Hungarian Grand Prix as well as other mishaps in other races, Hamilton is still the bookies’ favorite. His performance in the British Grand Prix shows that he has what it takes to overcome Vettel this season.

As Hamilton and Vettel lock horns with each other, Bottas is just behind the two with just a small gap between them. Bottas is often the one to likely come out third or fourth. Cloudbet has him at 19.00 odds while William Hill gives him 17.00 odds.

In the last two races, Bottas shows everyone that he can grab an opportunity when it presents itself. Bottas got the first placement in the Russian and Austrian Grand Prix. Hamilton experienced engine problems with his machine during the Russian race and got a five-place grid penalty in the Austrian Grand Prix. These two grand prix results are a good indication that Bottas will be there to pick up the ball if either of the two top racers drops it.

Constructors’ World Championship standings

With the performance from both Bottas and Hamilton, Mercedes emerges at the top of the constructors’ standings with 357 points. Ferrari, on the other hand, settles in second place with 318 points. The nearest constructor to be close to Ferrari is Red Bull Racing with 184 points.

Bitcoin sportsbooks are in the same position with the current standings as well. William Hill has Mercedes at 1.11 odds and Ferrari at 7.00 odds. Bet365 is slightly generous with its 1.12 odds for Mercedes and 5.50 odds for Ferrari.

With Hamilton and Bottas behind the Mercedes machine, it is a no brainer that the two’s performance will likely push Mercedes to win this year’s season. More, Ferrari still has an issue with its tires this year again. When looking at historical achievements, this is likely to be another year for the Mercedes.