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VR Tech May Soon Change Online Gambling In UK

Date Posted: October 13, 2016

A Bitcoin casino for UK players is just one of the newly emerging trends for online gamblers in the UK. Online gambling has always been at the tip of the technological development when it comes to gambling. Earnings from online gambling have steadily risen in recent years and gambling operators are probably aiming to get a bigger piece of the pie. To do so, Bitcoin casino UK sites need to offer something to online gamblers. There are currently two new emerging tech trends that are sure to attract the attention of quite a few gamblers.

Bitcoin gaming

One of the popular trends right now is to start accepting Bitcoin. A growing number of iGaming companies have leapt on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a viable alternative to dollars and pounds. Some websites are actually now exclusively accepting Bitcoin, getting rid of fiat currency transactions,

There are several advantages to this approach. For one, the popularity of Bitcoin among technophiles has made it one of the more popular payment options out there. People can now use Bitcoin to pay for a wide variety of items and using it as a way to pay for gambling is a good choice. Other advantages include easy transaction management and quick turnaround. People can expect even more online casinos to adapt Bitcoin in the future.

Virtual reality technology

The second emerging tech trend is the use of VR technology. One of the disadvantages of playing online is that it does not exactly match the thrill of playing competitive poker or blackjack in person.

Not many people are going to make a trip to Las Vegas or Monaco in their lifetime, though. This is where VR tech would be able to help. VR technology can transform a person’s computer to a portal to some of the best places to gamble in the world. A simple VR headset rig can let people play with other players hundreds of miles away or take a stroll in a virtual Las Vegas.

It is not just the poker playing but also horseracing. People do not just place a bet on horse races. They can also ride a virtual horse to victory.  The system is currently being trialed by bookies in the UK. The game utilizes GPS trackers on real racehorses and low-budget VR tech like the £15 Google Cardboard to put gamers right in the action.

With such technologies on the horizon, it will be interesting how the UK Bitcoin gambling market will react.