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Why US Punters Will Love In-Play Sports Betting

Date Posted: April 27, 2018

The convenience and dynamic odds mechanic of live or in-play betting will be popular in the US once online sports betting becomes legal in certain states. Many punters in European and Asian markets already favor in-play betting over traditional sports betting, and the same reception is expected on the US market.

How In-Play Betting Works

In-Play Betting on Sportsbet.ioIn-play wagers allow punters to place bets in the middle of a game. The dynamic odds on a live market, which changes according to the flow of a match, make this type of betting stand out in most sportsbooks like Sportsbet.io.

Previously, live bets were nearly impossible for bookmakers to provide because of the complications of computing odds in real time. Thanks to recent sportsbook innovations, there are sports wagering programs now available that can perform the algorithm needed to come up with in-play odds.

Making in-play wagers is no different from making traditional sports bets which is why any punters can utilize both betting options. During a live betting session, all available markets and their associated odds are displayed on the screen. Punters simply pick a market they want to bet on then verify the transaction.

Live bettors largely benefit from dynamic odds. Some punters may not want the value of a market for a certain game they are interested in. This is true when placing a bet during a game provides them with an opportunity to find better odds than with bets on traditional markets. Punters also enjoy the fairness of in-play betting odds that often have a low house edge than pre-game bets.

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How In-Play Betting Became Popular

In-play betting has grown significantly thanks to mobile wagering and other technology that enhances live wagering experience. For example, punters can bet on their favorite team while inside a stadium where the match is taking place or in a local sports bar.

Live bets are currently popular in Europe and Asia because these markets see more wagers made during a game. Craig Mucklow, vice president of trading at Don Best Sports, said some operators hardly bothered with pre-game odds on the said two markets.

At present, in-play is yet to be realized in the US because of its availability. In areas like Nevada, in-play bets consist of only 20 percent of the state’s sports betting revenue. Sportsbooks that offer live bets on the US market use a limited system where bookmakers change the odds only between breaks.. This is different from in-play wagers in Europe and Asia where odds are changed by sportsbooks in real time.

In-play betting in the US is still in its infancy since online sportsbooks in Nevada are catching up to bookmakers in other regions. It can only take off when sports betting gets legalized in several states. Legalization of sports wagers will open the doors for sportsbook operators on the European and Asian markets to enter the US region. International sportsbooks will then provide the US market with innovative live wagers that punters in other countries already enjoy.

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