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Will Hamilton Finish 1st at Bahrain Grand Prix?

Date Posted: April 11, 2017

Motor racing fanatics will not have to wait long before the next Formula 1 race as the Bahrain Grand Prix 2017 runs this weekend.

Lewis Hamilton took the top place in the Shanghai Grand Prix, overtaking Sebastian Vettel who finished first in the Australian Grand Prix. Now, Formula 1 fans and sports bettors are waiting to see if Vettel can steal another win from Hamilton.

Bahrain International Circuit

Bahrain International Circuit is the very first track in the Middle East, and Lewis Hamilton became the first racer to win on this track. A Hamilton win would make this year’s race at Bahrain a special one for the Mercedes racer.

The circuit is one of the easiest racing tracks due to its numerous run-off areas. These areas do not bring down the driver’s acceleration. Even if a driver goes off track, he can easily regain his speed. The track has gotten much criticism over this because of how easy a driver can get away with from not staying on the road. However, the run-off areas are necessary since these help to keep sands away from the track.

Every driver will be going on full throttle at more than half of the race since the track has four straights. There are 15 corners on this track which have three attack opportunities where a driver can overtake another. There are 57 laps in this race and over 308 KM for each racer to cover.

Bitcoin sportsbook odds

With Lewis Hamilton winning the first place spot at the Shanghai track, bookies are placing him as the most likely to win at Bahrain. Bet365 has Hamilton at 1.83 odds to win, while William Hill has him at 1.67.

The only one who is close to Hamilton’s odds is Sebastian Vettel. However, finishing second in China has Vettel at 2.87 odds on Bet365 and 2.75 odds with William Hill. This is a very noticeable contrast to the Shanghai odds where Vettel was nearly close to Hamilton with 2.26 odds at Directbet.eu before.  Vettel’s Bahrain odds are at 2.8 with Directbet.

These odds are to be expected. Hamilton is one of the elite Formula 1 drivers with racing coursing in his veins. His natural skill at operating a motor vehicle was sharpened at a younger age when he was participating in karting races. This is thanks to McLaren’s support of the young Hamilton.

When it comes to talent, the German race is not that far off from Hamilton. Vettel is a four-time F1 World Champion. This makes him one of the few F1 drivers who held four or more drivers titles. His skill on the race track even had people calling him the new Michael Schumacher.

Bahrain is another opportunity for the two top racers to show who is going to be the fastest and skillful driver in the Middle East.