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Will Hamilton Lead in Austrian Grand Prix 2017?

Date Posted: July 6, 2017

Lewis Hamilton is the favored racer again for the Austrian Grand Prix 2017. Due to an incident from the previous Grand Prix though, both Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel’s odds slide down across many Bitcoin sportsbooks.

The Red Bull Ring is the result of many revisions and improvements over the years. This circuit contains a good amount of straights and sharp turns.

Austrian Grand Prix odds

As with most Formula 1 Grand Prix odds, Hamilton and Vettel are the two regular favored racers. In this Grand Prix, the gap between the two is noticeably larger than before. What’s more, Botta’s odds are closer to the two than before.

Cloudbet is giving Hamilton 1.850 odds, Vettel 3.100, and Bottas 4.950 to win the next grand prix. William Hill sets Hamilton odds to 1.83, Vettel at 3.25, and Bottas at 5.00. Long time readers will notice that the odds of Vettel in this race are more than 3.00 which should be around 2.50 or less than 3.00.

The reason for these odds is due to the result of the incident in Azerbaijan Grand Prix where Vettel collided with Hamilton while behind the safety car. This led to a 10-second stop/go penalty for the Ferrari racer. Hamilton shared his disappointment to Vettel with the public and called the action a disgrace.

After the collision, Hamilton found himself in trouble due to a loose headrest. This forced him to do a second pit stop on the 31st lap. Afterwards, he finished eight where he could not get up past fifth place during the last part of the race.

Although he did not win the race, Bottas still got the second place in the last grand prix. This is an incredible achievement since he was in the last place on the first lap of the race. Botta’s achievement of reaching the 2nd place from the last place could go down in Formula 1 history. This could also be the reason why Bitcoin sportsbook platforms give him the odds of around 5.00 instead of 6.00 for the Red Bull Ring.

The unsuspecting winner of Azerbaijan is Daniel Ricciardo. While the two top drivers got caught in the incident, Ricciardo did not miss the opportunity and simply took it. Ricciardo’s odds in William Hill are at 26 while Cloudbet has him at 21.

Red Bull Ring history

The Austrian Grand Prix has an interesting history behind it. The track was only an L-shaped circuit that racing enthusiasts built out of cones and hay bales. With many investors interesting in bringing the Formula 1 to Osterreichring, investors provided funds to create the circuit for the event. The Grand Prix was later redeveloped by the A1 telecoms company which later named the circuit the A1-Ring. The circuit was dropped from the Formula 1 schedule in 2003. Over the years, many were planning to improve the Austrian circuit for future races. The circuit opened its doors once again in 2011 as the Red Bull Ring.