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Will Lionel Messi Exit Barcelona Next Year?

Date Posted: September 4, 2017

There is a possibility for Lionel Messi to leave Barcelona next year. This is due to current development within Barcelona such as losing Neymar.

Other top players will be traded to other teams next year, which may see a large change in Barcelona and other team’s odds in Bitcoin sportsbook platforms such as William Hill and Bovada.

Barcelona exit

The trading window for Barcelona was nothing short of a disaster. The team did not get a single contract signed on the last day of the summer transfer market that was held in Spain.

The team was looking to get Philippe Coutinho from Liverpool as well as other top tier players to join before the window closed. However, the deadline for the transfer came and went. Barcelona failed to strike a deal with La Liga to get Coutinho or find someone with the same qualities.

With Neymar playing for PSG and no new players to fill his shoes, Messi is considering leaving Barcelona. This is a very real scenario that Barcelona needs to comprehend since Messi has yet to sign the contract that will make him stay until 2021. Messi wants assurances that Barcelona will prioritize their investment in the players of the team. If Barcelona fails to get Messi to agree with their contracts, he will be a free agent by Jan. 1 next year.

Manchester City

January 2018 could be a good opportunity for Man City if Messi would not renew his contract. Manchester City and Messi’s representatives held a meeting in Barcelona to talk about bringing in the Argentine player to the team. If Barcelona fails to renew Messi’s contract, Man City is first in line to negotiate a deal with him next year.

Man City was looking to get Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal for £60 million. However, Arsenal scrapped this deal when they could not find someone who can fill Sanchez’s shoes.

Rumors that Raheem Sterling will be a part of a swap deal for Sanchez is quickly clarified by Manchester City. Sterling is a key player in Pep Guardiola’s long-term plan that will lead to Etihad Stadium.

Manchester United’s missed opportunity

Barcelona is not the only club to miss out on getting more talent to their team. Manchester United could not close the deal on Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid for the trade window. This is due to Kylian Mbappe signing up for PSG.

Ronaldo stated in the Sunday Times that he was ready to be back at Old Trafford. This deal did not go through since Mbappe decided against moving to Los Blancos. With MBappe moving to PSG, Ronaldo’s chance of being in the Premier League is dashed.

However, everything is not negative for the Red Devils. The club could get Antoine Griezmann next year for a low fee of £184 million instead of £200 million. This is thanks to the end of its transfer embargo by January 2018.