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Who Will Make the Cut in Australian Open 2017

Date Posted: January 19, 2017

Australian Open 2017 is in full swing. Many Bitcoin sports betting sites are keeping the two highest world ranking players almost close to each other. There is a noticeable gap between in winning odds between the two top ranking players and the others.

Djokovic and Murray

It should come as no surprise to anyone that these two are this tournament’s favored player. Novak Djokovic is the top second world ranking player while Andy Murray is the first world ranking player. The two are competitive rivals in the pro tennis scene. Djokovic, though, is the leading player between the two despite losing his number one ranking to Murray. Out of the 36 matches they played in, Djokovic won 25 of them.

Murray is a serious contender to beat in the Australian Open. This is due to this victory in the 2016 Olympics and ATP World Tour Finals and the Wimbledon last year. There are a few things that are holding Murray back for this Open. This includes the mindset of defending his No. 1 ranking against Djokovic and other strong players. Being the defender means there is more pressure to Murray than the others.

As to who is more favored of the two, Djokovic is ahead by a thin line. Nitrogen Sports gives Djokovic a +150 and Murray a +162 odds of winning this year’s Australian Open. Bitcoin sportsbooks believe the two are likely to reach the finals. In fact, DirectBet is placing 2.18 odds of a Murray and Djokovic match in the last part of the Open.

Wawrinka, Raonic, and Nadal

According to other Bitcoin sports betting sites, the player who has a good chance to make the cut is Stan Wawrinka. Wawrinka is the number four ranking player. When he is playing at his best, Wawrinka is a threatening competitor. He was able to win against the top ranking players in three finals.

Wawrinka’s performance is not as consistent as Djokovic and Murray. Bitcoin sportsbooks give Wawrinka a +1200 odds. This is a huge difference from Murray. However, his odds are slightly better than others.

The three players who have a similar chance as Wawrinka are Raonic and Nadal. Directbet gives them the odds of 18 for Raonic and 27 for Nadal. Raonic was the number three ranking player as of November last year. His strength is his strong and affinity for hard courts. As long as Raonic is able to keep to his strength throughout the open, he has a shot against the two top ranking.

The second one to look out for is Nadal. Nadal’s victories include the 2008 Olympic singles, 14 Grand Slams, and 17 ATP World Tour 500 tournaments.  Nadal’s record has Nitrogen Sports giving him a +1400 to win the Open.