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Will Method: Triforce Rule WoW Arena World Championship?

Date Posted: October 23, 2017

WoW Arena World Championship 2017 is the 10th iteration of the event and will see 12 of the best teams battle it out on Oct. 30 in time for the BlizzCon 2017 event.

With teams of three treading the woods using their custom WoW characters, this esports tournament becomes one of the popular events for online sports betting. In fact, Bitcoin sportsbook sites cover the World Championship and the odds favor the two Method Esports teams: Triforce and Synery.

Method: Triforce impresses bookmakers

Bet365 and Arcanebet both lean toward Method: Triforce for this event, giving them 4.00 odds to win. Most bookmakers favor this team because of its roster of former Splyce players.

These players are Simon ‘Boetar’ Heinks, Fabio ‘Fabss’ Nardelli, and René ‘Swapxy’ Pinkera. The three were responsible for winning the Arena World Championship in 2016 while playing against Method NA. They scored a close 4-3 in the finals last year and took home $120,000.

Three of Method: Triforce players have a long list of achievement outside that from playing with Splyce and Method: Triforce. They won the Arena World Championship 2015 as well as the European Championship in the same year. Fabss has more World Championship title than the two wherein he won an earlier title in 2010.

Triforce wins WoW EU Regionals

Other Method esports teams come close

Method: Synergy and Splyce are two of the close favored teams to win this year’s World Championship. Bet365 and Arcanebet set both teams at 5.50 odds.

Synergy is Method’s North American team. Splyce is also an American esports team that competes for a variety of esports and other competitive games. This includes CS:GO, Overwatch, and Smash Bros. Melee. Members of both Synergy and Splyce are recent additions to their respective teams.

Synergy’s most recent achievement is winning the North American Championship Finals this year against Panda Global with the score of 4-0. Splyce also competed in the same Championship and took home the 3rd place reward by winning against Sneaky Snakes with 3-2 scorecard.

Arena World Championship details

The Championship will have 12 teams competing in the event instead of just eight. There will be four teams from both the NA and EU Regional events. One team from the Latin America region will have a spot in the Finals. Spots are given to two teams of the China Regionals while one is reserved for a team from the Asia Pacific Regionals.

Every player will compete for a lion share of the $280,000 prize pool. The format for this year’s World Championship has yet to be announced. In the World Championship 2016 event, the format was a two double elimination bracket. The last match of each group bracket is set to single elimination. Almost every match is a best of five while the Grand Finals match is a best of seven.