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Will South Korea Be The Overwatch World Cup 2017 Winner?

Date Posted: October 27, 2017

Overwatch World Cup 2017 is just around the corner after a long series of qualifiers earlier this year. The World Cup will take place at BlizzCon on Nov. 3.

The teams to look out for in this event are the North American and South Korean teams. Bitcoin sportsbook sites that cover Overwatch matches such as William Hill may set higher odds for these teams.

Overwatch World Cup players

Overwatch World Cup  2017 Top 8 BracketSouth Korea is one of the top-seeded teams in the Overwatch esports community. The members consist of teams who are part of several top esports teams in the country they represent.

One of the members of South Korea to watch out for is Joon-Hyuk ‘Zunba’ Kim. He is known in the competitive Overwatch scene for his use of Zarya, a tank character with a high DPS rating. He was part of the South Korean team last year who won the Overwatch World Cup.

Three of the Korean team comes from LW teams such as Jong ‘Saebyeolbe’ Yeol and Yeon-oh ‘Fl0w3R’. Both were part of the LW team who won the Intel Extreme Masters Season XI Gyeonggi title. Saebyeolbe is an effective leader while the team was playing in the Katowice Qualifier. His leadership skill has helped his teammate overwhelmed their opponent.

The other top-seeded team for the event is the North American team. Playing for them is Adam from Cloud9. Cloud9 regularly wins monthly and minor matches such as the Carbon Masters event last year. Adam also helped the team win the Agents Rising major tournament last year.

Another major addition to the team is Jake Lyon who was formerly from Luminosity Gaming Evil. When he was with the team, they won many minor and monthly matches. The team was even in 2nd place for this year’s Overwatch Carbon Series.

Overwatch World Cup details

The format for the World Cup finals is a Playoff, Single Elimination bracket. Every match is Best of Five. This includes the finals match. Losers of the Semi-Finals will move to a separate match to determine the third place winner.

For the Quarterfinals, the bracket placement has recently been announced. It will be UK vs Sweden, Canada vs Australia, China vs France, and South Korea vs the United States.

Many fans of the Overwatch Esports scene were expecting South Korea and United States team to fight in the Semi-Finals or Finals and not in the Quarterfinals. There are speculations that these team will provide the best match in the event.

As a way to get everyone excited for the Overwatch World Cup playoffs, Blizzard released a documentary recap of the World Cup Group Stage. The video is a four-part series that puts a spotlight on the struggles of the competitors throughout the Group Stage.