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Will Verstappen Beat Hamilton in Brazilian GP 2017?

Date Posted: November 6, 2017

Mexican Grand Prix saw Max Verstappen take the pole position. This earned him more attention and a new found respect from Lewis Hamilton.

But despite the twist in Mexico last weekend, Bitcoin sportsbook sites still give Hamilton the edge to win Brazilian Grand Prix 2017. Meanwhile, thanks to Verstappen’s win in the last race, the Red Bull star’s odds are nearly the same as Sebastian Vettel who is the second favored to win.

Low chance for Verstappen to snatch a win in Brazil

Verstappen benefited the most from Vettel and Hamilton’s collision. With the top two favored drivers out of the way, the Red Bull Racing driver dominated the last GP.

Verstappen’s win in Mexico puts him in a different light among bookmakers. Cloudbet sets him at 4.650 while BetRally has him at 4.90. This puts his odds close to Vettel as this racer has odds of 4.250 with Cloudbet and 4.40 with BetRally.

This is the second title that the Red Bull Racing driver won this season. It is also Verstappen’s fourth time at the podium.

Verstappen is getting some new admirers and respect from fellow drivers, with Hamilton saying:

“He’s really the brightest young star that we’ve seen for some time.”

Even Paul Di Resta, a bettor from Sky Sports, just became a fan of the young Red Bull racer, adding:

“If we were starting a new season now, you would say they would be clear favourites. They have outstanding pace in the race, their management is great and Max looks very comfortable.”

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Will it be a tight race between Hamilton and Vettel?

Online sportsbooks predict a close match between Hamilton and Vettel this weekend. William Hill lists Hamilton at 2.00 while Vettel settles for 4.50. Bet365, on the other hand, pulls Hamilton slightly up with 1.90 odds while Vettel gets 4.50 again.

Hamilton secured his fourth world title in the last race, and this makes him the most successful Formula 1 driver in Britain. It should have been a bright day for him in Mexico. However, a collision with Vettel overshadowed Hamilton’s achievement.

Vettel, Verstappen, and Hamilton were driving side by side up to the first turn.  Vettel has the pole position with Verstappen close behind. The two made slight contact with Vettel’s front wing touching the right rear tire of Vettel’s machine.

It was in the third turn when disaster struck wherein Vettel brushed Hamilton’s right rear tire hard enough to puncture it. Both went to the pits with Hamilton getting new set of the same tires he was using while Vettel gets a new nose and soft tires. Vettel quickly got to eighth place after getting his Ferrari fixed. Eventually, he finished fourth.

Meanwhile, Hamilton struggled to make some headway while in 19th place. After an intense battle with Alonso, he gets the ninth place. His performance to finish the race despite placing almost last shows that Hamilton has a good chance at taking the Brazilian title.