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Who Will Win Drivers’ World Championship 2017?

Date Posted: May 19, 2017

The odds are in favor of the two longtime rivals—Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel—to win this year’s Drivers’ World Championship. Although it is too early to determine who the winner might be, Bitcoin sportsbook and betting sites are already predicting a close race between the two.

In terms of driving performance and machine performance, Hamilton is the clear leader of the race with Vettel just a hair inch away. The only one who is close to the two is Valtteri Bottas, who replaced Nico Rosberg this season.

Lewis Hamilton

DirectBet is giving Hamilton 1.87 while Powerbet has him at 1.61 and BetEast at 1.68. His current standing at this time is 98 with two wins from the previous Grand Prix in China and Spain.

The odds are not at all surprising here since Hamilton has raced in his blood ever since he is eight years old. During his time as a rookie racer in 2007, he is always at the podium in all of his early races. Today, the legend has three championships under his belt.

Backing up Hamilton’s driving skills is his Mercedes. In terms of car specs, Mercedes machines are one of the best.

Even with Vettel being ahead of him in the driver’s standing, it is barely enough to make Hamilton blink. Lewis has been through some intense pressure before when he faced Rosberg last year. He knows how to tough it out and come out strong from behind. With Rosberg out of the picture this season, Hamilton only has himself to be afraid of.

Sebastian Vettel

The only one close enough to put a wrench in Hamilton’s plan on winning the championship is Sebastian Vettel. BetEast has him at 2.30 and Directbet gives him 2.22.

Vettel’s victory in the Australian and Bahrain Grand Prix can easily show why he has a very good chance of winning the championship than the others. His driving skills and experience are on par with Hamilton. Vettel is also a championship winner.

It is also important to take into account his Ferrari. The car has a clear commanding dominance in the road which can perform better than a Mercedes. With the driving skills to match with a powerful machine, Vettel deserves the odds.

Valtteri Bottas

Unlike the two legendary rivals, Valterri never won any championship or took the first place in any race before 2017. Fate took a curious twist for Bottas in Russia when he overtook Vettel for the checkered flag and Hamilton took the fourth place. His odds with sportsbook like BetEast at 21.00 and PowerBet at 20.58 still show that there is a large gap between him and the two.

With Bottas never placing anything higher than 4th on any race, this victory might just give him the drive to finish higher than the two. Even if he still cannot reach the two, his driving skills and powerful Mercedes can easily grant him a third or fourth spot on the podium for the Drivers’ World Championship.