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About BetBTC

Sports options10 + Dice
Licensed whereCosta Rica
Payment optionsBitcoin
Range of bets
Customer service
Privacy & security

BetBTC is the first dedicated sports betting exchange operating exclusively with Bitcoin. This project is unique and original since it is the only website dedicated to the betting exchange model (user vs user betting) instead of the regular bookmaker/sportsbook commonly found out there.

On this betting site, you can wager anonymously with a minimum bet of 0.001 BTC, and there are no maximum betting limits. You can even bet with extra confidence since all bets are placed between the users. Moreover, your deposited funds are always safely stored in secure offline wallets and are credited after only 3 confirmations.

BetBTC provides a vast collection of sports, such as Soccer, American Football, Basketball, and Tennis. The major leagues for various sports are also available here, so bettors can check out the English Premier League, Spanish Liga BBVA, NBA, NFL, and many more. Despite the long list of sports, this sports betting exchange still plans to expand the events it covers, ensuring that more major sports will be added in the future.

When it comes to the bets, live betting is always allowed here as compared to the regular bookmakers that need to suspend trading when the action begins. Here, the action is non-stop since at no time we are covering user’s bets or taking any risks. Users can always bet against other active users on the markets until the event is finished or cancelled.

Additionally, users request the desired odds or prices. When a bet is placed, it is automatically matched if at the time of placement there’s interest from other users on it. Another scenario would be for it to be unmatched until someone who is interested in it shows up—this is called back vs lay betting.

BetBTC officially launched in early 2015, but it has already attracted hundreds of users and accommodated over 7,000 individual bets so far. The feedback the betting exchange is receiving is commendable and is evident on its social accounts like Reddit, Twitter, and Bitcointalk.

Even with the early success in the industry, this Bitcoin sports betting exchange still works daily to improve its services. In fact, it hopes receive a considerable amount of traffic and users from UK. The reason being is that it provides the majority of features and services offered by similar websites like Betfair, Betdaq or Smarkets, which are all well-known and very popular on the UK segment. Its advantage, though, is it uses Bitcoin.