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Baseball Bitcoin Betting Predictions

Wagering on baseball Bitcoin betting predictions is not as hard as it might look to anyone new to the sportsbook. Anyone can do baseball Bitcoin betting by knowing the different kinds of bets or predictions.

One of the most basic baseball Bitcoin betting predictions is to bet on which team wins a match. Another is to bet on whether the favored team will get more runs than the predicted amount.

Money line

The money line is one of the basic baseball Bitcoin betting predictions where you pick the team who will win the game. In a sportsbook setting, you might see a format where one team has a number of -120 and the other has +150. These numbers are the Bitcoin sports betting odds or the teams. It is for determining which one is the likely team to win and the amount at stake.

The team with -180 odds is the favored team which is likely to win the match while the other is the underdog team. If you are to bet on the favored team, you need to stake $180 to win $100. Backing the underdogs only require you to stake $100 to win $150. Because of the favored team’s chance of winning, you will need to risk more to win any baseball Bitcoin betting predictions for the favored team.

Run line

Run Line baseball Bitcoin betting predictions are where you wager on a number of runs the favored team can win with. The format for this type of bet usually involves a number of 1.5, 2.5, or 3.5. The underdog team will have a run line odds of +2.5 -130 while the favored has -2.5 +110. The 2.5 is the number of runs that the favored team needs to get more than the underdog team when they win the match.

To win your run line bet for the underdog, the underdog will need to win the game or the favored team will have lead by two runs when the favored wins the game. To win the favored team run line bet, the favored will need to win with three or more runs than the underdog. This kind of baseball Bitcoin betting predictions can make matches between a powerful favored team against a weak underdog team more exciting.


Another basic Bitcoin sportsbook prediction is the totals. This is a bet based on the total runs from the two competing teams. The two bets to make are the ‘over’ and ‘under’ wager. If the totals prediction is set to 9 for example, you will simply bet on whether the total run of the match will be more or less than 9.