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Baseball Bitcoin Betting Tips

As the World Series or National League season rolls by, fans are looking for baseball Bitcoin betting tips to boost their chances of winning. Baseball Bitcoin betting is not as complicated as you might expect.

Much of these baseball Bitcoin betting tips involve betting in the middle or later parts of a season. You also need to consider the line ups and team relations to each other.

Under dogs

Betting on the under dogs is not just reliving a hallmark sports drama movie. It is also about getting the most out of your bet. In an outright bet, there is the favored and the underdog team. Favored teams will have a minus sign to their odds while underdogs have a positive sign. An example of this is -130 for a favored team and +140 for the underdog. One of the Baseball Bitcoin Betting tips to consider is to back the underdogs.

Sports betting with Bitcoin on the underdog require a small stake of $100 to win $140. Betting on the favored team requires you to stake $130 to win $100. You will gain more from betting on the underdog than the favored team.

Of course, underdogs are given low odds because of their unlikely chance to win. The best underdogs to bet on are the ones in certain matches where two rival teams that are on par with each other’s performance. This baseball Bitcoin betting tips can get you a good chance to profit.

Money line odds

Many Bitcoin sportsbooks may not provide the same odds for the same money line bets. In a game where the Cubs are against the Yankees, the Cubs might have odds of +150 in one sportsbook.  In another sportsbook, it is offering odds of +155 for the Cubs to win.

One of the best baseball Bitcoin betting tips is to pick the Bitcoin sportsbook that offers better odds than the other. If the cubs win, you are $155 richer instead of getting just $150 if you bet on the first sportsbook.


Another good baseball Bitcoin betting tips are to avoid placing any bets on the first part of any baseball season. During this time, it is anyone’s ballgame since every team is still working on the kinks of their performance. Even dominant teams from previous seasons might commit many mistakes during the early games.

As the season progress, high performance teams will slowly get their performance in line to future games. Those who constantly win during the middle and later parts of the season are likely to continue winning until the finals. The same goes with teams who constantly lose in the middle of the season. In this case, it is a good idea to go for the underdogs in the middle part of the season.