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Bitcoin basketball betting offers a wealth of games and different odds. This is what makes it different from typical Bitcoin sports betting. During the season, you’ll find attractive odds. Enjoy all of this on top Bitcoin sportsbooks. Of course, as bettors, it is your duty to understand the basketball Bitcoin betting odds. Learning how this works gives you a clearer picture of the possible returns you can win.

Explaining basketball Bitcoin betting odds

Whatever Bitcoin sportsbook you go to, majority of the NBA and basketball odds are listed in a similar way. There might be minor changes, but the same concept remains. Many sportsbooks will give you the basketball Bitcoin betting odds on a game with one team on top of another. Others might list them side by side. The first team is always the visitor and the second is the home team.

The first basketball Bitcoin betting odds element you’ll see is the date and time of the match. You can find this on the leftmost portion of the line. Typically, to the right of the date and time is  the team name and the rotation number.

Rotation numbers are displayed sequentially. All sportsbooks will list the same rotation numbers. This makes it easy to identify what team you want to wager on.

These basketball Bitcoin betting odds or point spreads specifically make it hard for bettors to choose a match and even out the Bitcoin sports betting odds. With the spread, a team either has to win by a pre-determined number of points to pay off. It can also lose by a certain number of points and still give out winnings.

The numbers

Spreads are represented in two ways, fractional or decimal. This is to prevent a draw. A tie results in a push where bets are off and the initial wagers return to the bettors.

The stake is the amount you have to bet when the spread is in play. It is typically the same for both teams. For example, you see a -110 value. This tells you how much you have to bet to win 100 units. With the spread, you would have to wager 110 units to win 100. If you bet 11 units, you’d take home 10 units.

The last number you’ll find in a basketball Bitcoin betting odds spread is the over/under or total of that game. This number expressed is usually in fraction or decimal form. This is a projection of the total number of points in the game scored by both teams. Bettors wager in the point total for that game as either being above or below the number on the odds listing.

For example, in a Knicks/Brooklyn game, the total might be around 186.5. If the total is better or at 187, the over wins. If it is 186 or lower, the under wins.