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Cricket Bitcoin Betting

Some people might think cricket is similar to baseball because of the use of a bat in order to hit a ball. However, the rules of the two games are significantly different. Many people who wanted something different from baseball are lining up for cricket Bitcoin betting because they want something different.

Get to know cricket more

Despite not being widely known to many western audiences, cricket has a very large following from several commonwealth countries. This includes India, Australia, England and South Africa. Cricket is the 3rd most watched sports competition around the world. The 1st is football and the 2nd is rugby.

In a game of cricket, two teams consisting of 11 players attempt to get a higher score than the opposing team. The fielding or defending team has 11 players out on the field while the batting or offensive team only has two players to be their batter. Batters and bowlers take their position on the creases, which are on the opposite sides of a pitch. In order to score, a batter must hit the ball bowled by the opposing team. Once they are able to hit it, they go to the opposite crease to score one run.

The fielding team attempts to take out the batter by bowling a ball onto three wickets which is hold two bails. When a batter hits the ball, the players on the field quickly grab it and toss it back to the bowler. With the ball in hand, they can knock out a bail if the batter isn’t back to the crease when they attempt to make a run.

Bet on cricket with Bitcoin

Cricket Bitcoin betting can be found at several Bitcoin sports betting sites. A good way to find a worthwhile site is to read some Bitcoin sportsbook reviews. This will help you find better Bitcoin sportsbooks that offer competitive betting odds for cricket.