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Cricket Bitcoin Betting Predictions

When it comes to cricket Bitcoin betting predictions, the bat and ball sport offers one of the widest and most exciting selections. From futures predictions all the way to head-to-head match ups, Bitcoin gambling bettors will surely have to good time from start to finish.

Cricket Bitcoin betting is simple. Even those who haven’t gambled on sports for the first time can easily enjoy all of this with bitcoins. The new currency offers lots of advantages, which makes settling in quick and easy.

Basic cricket Bitcoin betting predictions

A number of cricket betting predictions work well with beginners. If you maintain the simplicity of betting while indulging in your favorite cricket matches, these are the predictions for you.

  • Match predictions– One of the most common cricket Bitcoin betting predictions feature match bets. Your goal here is to correctly select which of the two teams will win an individual match.
  • Series winner predictions – Three or five-game series is not new in the world of cricket. The goal of placing Series winner predictions is to pick which side will win at the end of the series.
  • Outright winner predictions – Just like series winner cricket Bitcoin betting predictions, outright winners can be placed on any team playing in a tournament. But with the number of teams participating in cricket events, this can be challenging to get right. As there are more than two teams you can choose from than the series winner predictions, the odds usually provide handsome payouts.
  • Tied match predictions– This is also known as ‘Draw no Bet’ in some sportsbooks. A Bitcoin sportsbook allows for the possibility of some matches ending in a draw with the tied match prediction.
  • Top batsman/bowler predictions – Cricket Bitcoin betting predictions like this requires the bettor to predict which player will score the most runs or take the most wickets during the course of an innings, a match, or a series.

Advanced cricket Bitcoin betting predictions

If you want to take things to the next level, advanced predictions might just fit your desires. Take a look at some of the most exciting predictions for cricket.

  • Handicap predictions – Just like handicap bets in other sports, handicap cricket Bitcoin betting predictions offer opportunities when there is a mismatch between two teams. This can also happen when one team gets the upper hand during a match. The concept being that the favorite team to win the match is given a handicap by the Bitcoin sportsbook. They then have to overcome the handicap to win the bet.
  • Live predictions – This allows predictions during the match. You don’t have to place your selection before the match starts. Live predictions allow you to analyze the match closely before securing a selection. In return, this prediction could yield you better winning chances.
  • Batsman runs predictions – Bettors placing batsman runs predictions guess whether a batsman will score over or under a specified total of runs. This is placed just before the batsman faces the first delivery.
  • Runs from next delivery predictions – Advanced cricket Bitcoin betting predictions like runs from next delivery offers the chance to place bets ball-by-ball during a match. Bettors then wager on the total number of runs scored from the delivery in question.