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Esports Bitcoin Betting Odds

New punters might be confused at seeing Esports odds as well as the markets in Esports Bitcoin betting sites. Esports Bitcoin betting odds simply shows that sportsbook is more than just putting money down on one team.

Esports Bitcoin betting odds can tell you more about the team itself. You do not even need to play or know the games to understand the odds in any Esportsbook.

Esports odds basics

In an Esports match, the chances for one team or player to win are not always 50/50. There are many factors going on in and out of the game that can affect the results of the match. One of the important factors is the skill of a player or team.

If you put all the factors together, one match might have a probability of 80% to 70% for one team win and a probability of 30% to 20% for the other to win. If you were to bet on the team with the low probability and your profit is the same amount as your bet should the team win, you are shortchanged and should get a higher profit. This is due to the low probability of your bets to win. It is here that Esports Bitcoin betting odds come in to make sure you get the right payout.

Esports Bitcoin betting odds takes in the probably and give you a number for the team as well as any other odds. The number can show you the chance of your bet to win. This also tells you the Bitcoin sports betting payout you can get from your wager.

Reading Esports odds

Esports Bitcoin betting odds come in different flavors. The most basic of odds in most of the best Bitcoin sports betting sites are decimals. You might find teams with odds of 2.50 or 3.45.

To know how much an Esports Bitcoin betting odds can payout, simply multiply the odds with your bet amount. Once you get this amount, minus the results with your bet amount to see how much you will profit from a Bitcoin sportsbook.

Using the 2.50 odds and wagering $100 as an example, you should get a profit of $150. The 3.45 with a wager of $100 will give you a profit of $245.

The team or bet with 2.50 odds gives a lower payout than a wager with odds of 3.45. This is due to the first bet’s high chance of winning. Because the team or bet with 3.45 odds is less likely to win a match, you get a higher payout if you win the wager.