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Football Bitcoin Betting Odds

Football Bitcoin betting odds can tell a punter everything he wants to know about a specific bet. Knowing the numbers in any football Bitcoin betting site will allow you to know your chances of winning this wager.

You will often see three different types of football Bitcoin betting odds. Understanding the numbers will let you enjoy various Bitcoin sportsbook across the globe.

European odds

The European or decimal odds is a mainstay for football sports. This football Bitcoin betting odds are usually a single, double, or triple digit number. Some examples of this type of Bitcoin sports betting odds for a specific match would be 1.80 for team A and 2.80 for team B.

For decimal football Bitcoin betting odds, low numbers mean there is a good chance a football team will win a game or a certain event will happen. You can also find out how much you can get from this odds format if you win your bet. Say you put $6 on team A. If team A wins, you will get $10.80. Taking away the $6 from the amount you got back will show that you got a profit of $4.80.

Fractional odds

Despite how the format looks, fractional football Bitcoin betting odds do not need a math formula to know how much you will get for winning your bet. In fact, this kind of odds will straight out tell you what you will win with its numbers than the European odds. An example of this kind of format would be 7/10 for team A and 5/1 for team B.

With team A, the 7/10 odds will tell you that you will get $7 for every $10 you bet if the team wins. Betting on team B will give you $5 for every $1 you wager. As a rule of thumb, odds with a low payout will tell you that the team is the favored ones.

Vegas odds

Vegas football Bitcoin betting odds are usually found in American sportsbook. This is also another format that does not need you to crunch the number to know the payout of a bet. The odds use positive and negative signs as well as $100 bet. An example of this is team A having -150 and team B had +200.

Negative numbers indicate that the football team is the favored ones while positive numbers are given to underdogs. To back team A, you need to bet $150 which will give you $100 if the team wins. For team B, you just need to bet $100 to get $200.