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Football Bitcoin Betting Predictions

There is an incredible amount of football Bitcoin betting predictions in any Bitcoin sportsbook. Taking the time to understand each football Bitcoin betting market can help you find the kind of wagers you want to make.

In a sportsbook, you have your basic football Bitcoin betting predictions such as the results of a match. You also have your uncommon bets to make certain parts of a Bitcoin sports gambling match more exciting.

Full time/Half time results

The most basic of all football Bitcoin betting predictions is the full time or half time results since this lets you wager on which team will win the match. This also lets you wager that the game will end in a tie. This prediction is also known as the money line bet to American punters.


Another basic football Bitcoin betting predictions are totals or over/under wagers. This prediction comes from the total goals both teams can get in a match. Bookies will have a number of goals set to over and under wagers. This bet lets you wager if the total goals will go over or under the set number. You can get a high chance of winning your bet if you’re ‘over’ wager is set to a low number of goals or your ‘under’ wager is set to a high number of goals.

Outright future

Outright football Bitcoin betting predictions are under a league or season tab and not in any individual games. This wager lets you pick a team who will win the entire season. Outright predictions are available from the start of a season up to the end of it.

It is a good idea to wait at least until the middle of a season before putting money down on a certain team. Anything can happen in a span of a few days which can change the chances of a team winning the season. What’s more, you have to wait for a long time to see a payout on your bet if you place it early in the season.


Prop football Bitcoin betting predictions are exotic wagers on specific events that can happen in a match. Some examples of this kind of wagers include the first player to score a goal or if the ref will give someone the red card. While these bets have low odds of happening, these can make a match interesting since you will be watching out for this events to play out at any point in the game.