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Football Bitcoin Betting Systems

Certain punters use some football Bitcoin betting systems that are for casino games. Using this system on any football Bitcoin betting site will often lead to losing bets. Most of these systems work best on bets that have 50/50 odds of winning.

Fortunately, there are football Bitcoin betting systems which can help you get a large payout. These systems are all about making the most out of bets that have very high odds.

Bulk low-risk prop bets

One of the smart football Bitcoin betting systems to use is making many prop bets that have a low risk or losing. Some punters might not want these bets because of the low payout rate. However, constantly winning this bets can lead to a profitable return to your wagers over time.

For one of these football Bitcoin betting systems to work, you want to find bets that have odds of 1.50 or lower. These football Bitcoin betting odds usually appear in the prop bets market of a certain match. One market to check is the total goals of the match. There are many over 1.5 and under 4.5 bets that are within the range of 1.50 odds. It is a good idea to split the total amount you want to bet in the game on the two bets. This way, you can hedge your bets if the game ends with less than one goal or have more than five goals.

Smart accumulator betting

Proper use of accumulators or parlays is a series of wagers in a single bet is another efficient football Bitcoin betting systems to use. In order to win this bet, every wager in an accumulator needs to win. The more wagers in a Bitcoin sports betting accumulator, the higher the payout of the bet. This kind of bet draws in many punters because of its potential for huge returns.

The reason for the large payout is the large risk of losing the bet. Remember, you need to win every single wager to win an accumulator. Losing just a single one will make you lose everything.

To make use of one of the efficient football Bitcoin betting systems, go for three to four low-risk bets in an accumulator. You can always find these bets in the prop market of Bitcoin sports betting websites. Winning team markets for matches between a powerful favored team and underdog are another good place to grab bets for accumulators.