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Horse Racing

Horse Racing Bitcoin Betting

One of the oldest gambling games is a favorite among cryptocurrency owners. There is hardly any doubt why horse racing Bitcoin betting is a popular activity for many online casino guests. The suspense of waiting for the signal to start the race and the excitement of seeing the horse you have wagered on getting ahead of the pack is a unique experience.

Get the lowdown on horse racing betting

Horse racing is where a group of jockeys and their horse run through a certain distance as fast as possible. The racing itself is straightforward. When it comes to horse racing wagers, though, there are a lot of options for players to choose from.

The simplest form of wager is the ‘win’ where bettors choose which horse is going to come in first place during the race. If bettors believe none of the horses have a high chance of winning the race, they can choose the ‘place’ wager. They win this if their horse comes in first or second. They could also pick ‘show’ if they think their horse is going to get first, second or third place. The ‘place’ and ‘show’ wagers have a low payout than ‘win’.

Other than simple wagers, there are also other exotic forms of wagers. This includes the ‘trifecta’ where bettors can wage on which horses are going to finish first, second, and third in the exact order. Another riskier bet is the ‘superfecta’ where bettors predict which of the horses are going to place first, second, third, and fourth.

Betting on horse races with Bitcoin

Veteran bettors don’t just pick any site to wager on horse races. They go through a few sportsbook reviews to find the best one, especially if you’re into horse racing Bitcoin betting. Look for the top Bitcoin sportsbook that offers the best odds for Bitcoin horse racing.