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Motorsports Bitcoin Betting Odds

The various motorsports Bitcoin betting odds format is the reason why some people are put off by making wagers on Formula 1 or NASCAR races. Understanding the different formats will allow anyone to enjoy motorsports Bitcoin betting.

With the help of motorsports Bitcoin betting odds, a punter will know the likelihood of a bet to win and how much he will get if it wins. Different Bitcoin sportsbook also allows you to change the format of the Bitcoin sports betting odds in its website.


Decimal motorsports Bitcoin betting odds are very straight forward. The numbers presented are often in single to triple digits. This kind of odds is popular in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Decimal odds will simply show you how much you will win for every $1 you bet. For example, racer A has 2.10 odds while racer B has 4.20 odds. If you bet a dollar on racer A, you get 2.10 while betting on racer B will get you 4.20. The racer with the lowest payout is the favored competitor where a bookie sees a good chance of him winning the race.


These motorsports Bitcoin betting odds is another popular format in certain parts of Europe. Numbers are often in fractions form or are ones with a hyphen in between two numbers. The format is slightly easier to read as decimal odds.

Going back to the last example, the favored racer might have 10/8 odds while the underdog gets 4/1. Taking the favored racer motorsports Bitcoin betting odds as an example, the first number (10) shows you the payout amount you will receive. The second number (8) shows you how much you need to bet to get the first number. If you bet $10 on the favored racer, you will get $12.5 with $2.5 being the amount you profited. If you bet $10 on the underdog, you get $40 in return.


As the name suggest, this motorsports Bitcoin betting odds format is widely used in the US or the NASCAR races. This format is mostly for head to head races against two drivers. American odds revolve around a $100 stake and positive/negative signs. A driver with a positive sign next to the number is the underdog while the favored one has a negative sign.

Going back to the two racers, racer A might have -200 while racer B has +150. If you want to back racer A, you will need to bet $200 to win $100. When you bet on racer B, you only need to stake $150 to earn $100.