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Rugby Union

Rugby Union Bitcoin Betting

The contact sport from England has garnered a lot of attention from all over the globe. Many cryptocurrency owners have been looking into rugby union Bitcoin betting lately because of the sport’s popularity. This sport has the potential to be more popular than American football, which is almost like rugby.

Get the lowdown on rugby union

A game of rugby is played by two teams made up of 15 players. The objective is to get to the ‘try-zone’ while carrying the ball. The ‘try-zone’ or goal zone is at both ends of the field. The team without the ball prevents their opponent to advance with the ball by tackling the opposing players.

Rugby comes with a set of restrictions and rules for each game. For example, players start the game by kicking the ball. However, they are required to have it bounce on the ground before they can kick it.

Another example is the restrictions in passing. Anyone carrying the ball can move anywhere they want to. They can also carry the ball with one or both of their arms. When it comes to passing the ball, though, they can only pass it backwards or horizontally with their hands. Passing it forward is considered a ‘forward pass’ move which is illegal. The only way of giving the ball to another player in front of them is to kick it towards them.

Place Bitcoin bets on rugby union

There are many sites that offer rugby union Bitcoin betting. It’s a good idea to read up a Bitcoin sportsbook review to know which ones offer the best odds. Find the best Bitcoin sports betting site and start placing bets strategically to maximize your winnings.