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Tennis Bitcoin Betting Odds

Making money on Bitcoin tennis betting comes down to a number of factors. First, looking for betting value tennis Bitcoin betting odds, second, employing a good money management strategy and last but not least, maintaining solid discipline.

Bitcoin tennis betting is huge today. With the attractions of cryptocurrency payments, more bettors are inclined to participate. More bettors mean more fun. More bets mean more wins.

Betting on tennis with bitcoins is exciting and unique. It pits two rivals against each other. It tests the limits of an athlete without it being a contact sport. Some of the greatest sporting rivalries emerged from the world of tennis. This means bettors can expect nothing but thrills and the odds to bring home more bitcoins in the long run.

As with all forms sports betting, tennis Bitcoin betting odds determine how much a bettor will win from any wager placed. If a bettor correctly predicts the winner or a certain outcome during the match, then a fixed payout is given.

How do tennis Bitcoin betting odds work?

Tennis Bitcoin betting odds are featured in three ways: Fractional, decimal, and moneyline.

No matter your tennis betting experience, all sporting events are subject to human error. Tennis betting and sports betting in general will never be an exact science. There are still factors out there that can greatly affect the outcome of a match.

So what do betting odds represent? If a player is listed at odds of 1.5 to win a Wimbledon match, what does this signify? Well, betting odds display a likelihood of a particular outcome happening. So if a player is listed at 1.5 to win a match, these odds represent what the Bitcoin sportsbook believes that player’s chance of winning the match are.

So what are the chances a player listed at 1.5 will win the match? Here’s the formula for the tennis Bitcoin betting odds.

  • Implied Probability = 1 / Decimal odds

In the example, the chances of a player listed at 1.5 winning a match are:

  • 1/1.5 = .6667 = 66.67%

Benefits of knowing tennis Bitcoin betting odds

Knowing the probability expressed in tennis Bitcoin betting odds can be difference between winning and losing a bet. Understanding how to convert odds into their implied probability can easily help you better your chances of making the right decision.

Improve your selections by learning more bitcoin sports betting tips to your arsenal of strategies. This is your chance to up your game and win more bets.