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Volleyball Bitcoin Betting Tips

It is not impossible for anyone to get massive payout from any Volleyball Bitcoin betting sites. You only need a few good Volleyball Bitcoin betting tips to help you beat the bookies in their own game.

These Volleyball Bitcoin betting tips is all about finding wagers that has the best value. One such tip is to find a Bitcoin sportsbook that has a low betting margin.

Understand the betting margins

Sportsbook is a business and its owners need to make money from player’s bet. This is done through the betting margin of their market. The betting margin is the cut that operators get from a punter’s winnings.

Knowing more about the betting margins is one of the best Volleyball Bitcoin betting tips to use. To know a betting margin of one market, use the formula:

(1/Decimal Odds Option A)*100 + (1/Decimal Odds Option B)*100 = market – 100 = betting margin.

One example is a match with team A having 2.20 odds and team B having 1.7. You should have a market of 104.27% and a margin of 4.27%. This means the bookie will get a cut of 4.27% from your winnings. Betting margins that is 5% or lower is reasonable for popular matches. If it is anything more than that, consider finding better Bitcoin sports betting websites. This is one of the effective volleyball Bitcoin betting tips when it comes to line shopping.

Check the prop bets

Matches between favored team and a non-ranking team usually results in worse prices if you plan on backing the favored ones. One of the good volleyball Bitcoin betting tips to find better prices for these matches is to go through the prop bets. Markets such as handicap betting offer better odds than match winner markets.

Choose reputable sites

Always take the time to check on the reputation of a sportsbook. This is one of the volleyball Bitcoin betting tips to avoid getting played by a rogue operator. Many of the best Bitcoin sportsbook are running on a license to ensure that their punters have protection.

Another good volleyball Bitcoin betting tips to check on a sportsbook is to look at several sportsbook review sites. People from these sites have firsthand experience on what it is like to bet on a specific website. These people can tell you if everything is in order with the site or if it should be something to avoid.